Circle G Beef

Circle G Ranches was founded in 1970 and has spent the last half-century breeding genetically superior angus cattle. With having a source of high-quality angus cattle, it only seemed fitting for us to venture into offering local farm raised angus beef to our customers as well as the public. Although we currently only offer a limited amount of beef for sale each year, we hope to build our brand and grow as demand increases. We take great pride in raising our cattle and are strict adhering to sound management practices that benefit the health and well being of every animal raised at Circle G. Our steers are finished on a high corn diet and are ready for processing between 13-15 months of age. As yearlings, we scan each of our steers using carcass ultrasound to determine ribeye size, intramuscular fat (marbling), rib fat and rump fat. Using this information can help us determine which animals will produce the highest quality cuts for an enjoyable and consistent eating experience.

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